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Discover the Image of Love (or Lust)
You'll find lots of Angels, Demons, Spirits, Deities and beings which symbolize Lust or Love. You need to find a symbol (or Sigil) that represent anybody of those supernatural beings.

Some examples are:

Cupid – the Angel of Love (also the Roman God of wish)
Asmodeus – the demon of lust
How can you Get the Sigil or Symbol of beings?
It isn’t going to be simple as this is the component which defines how effective the spell is eventually going to be. Since this is only for beginners here is an illustration Sigil / Image for you to use, it is of Asmodeus (the demon of lust):

You'll find ways to create Sigils yourself also, a contemporary way has been devised by chaos magic practitioners you'll be able to find out more here. Finding (or making if you are capable) accurate and effective Sigils is the foundation for higher level spells.

2. Print or draw the image onto a piece of paper
This will be simple enough for everybody to do.

3. Place the Sigil (image) inside Solomon’s Seal
Seal of print this seal or solomonDraw out. Now attract the above Sigil (or any other you like) inside or you'll be able to paste the printed sigil to the seal utilizing glue (but it’s better to hand draw all of this).

4. Charge Your seal
At a beginner level you will only be capable to vaguely talk with the entity you've got called upon. An easy method of performing this try meditating by producing your mind empty of most thoughts and is sitting down in a peaceful area OR you can try the watching a dot way to to meditate also. While performing this the Seal Sigil you've got created should be in front of you. This part will need practice and some time to achieve.

Focus your thoughts into telling your desires to it when you feel there is a vague connection to the super Natural entity you've got summoned. That is all ! Your spell was cast.

Tip: To improve communication you can try to wear all the time, the produced Sigil Seal, by either creating a locket from it or folding it into a fabric and after that tying it to your body using a string.

Some Items to Consider:
You may have realized that this way of spell casting could be useful for other spells as well, you're right But you shouldn’t go onto tinkering with such spells as it may prove harmful.

The power of the spell can be elevated on several levels, depending upon information and the experience of the caster. A more powerful Sigil might be employed, similarly a more complex seal could also be used also be used. Materials employed to more info draw the symbols can be altered to improve effects. Some can get get a grip on over these entities that are supernatural! But more advanced methods can’t be shared.

Depending upon the Entity you summoned the outcomes can be diverse and sometimes even dangerous! For illustration if you as well as your desired person aren’t intended to be together, an excellent spirit or god may assist you move on in your existence using their knowledge but a Demon may possibly take to to forcefully place your want into action as well as in return may request you to offer him

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